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Why self-love is important

Growing up, the concept of ‘Self-Love’ did not exist. It was either you work hard enough to achieve success or you just fail in life. There were no in-betweens.

Having worked for a few years, I realized that life isn’t black and white. There are lots of greys and among them is the idea of self-love.

To me, self-love isn’t about just shutting yourself from the world to indulge in a book or your favourite past time. It is about safeguarding your mental wellbeing. It is about avoiding the downward spiral into a blackhole of anxiety and depression.

In order to achieve self-love, you should, first and foremost, realize and accept that you’re only human. With this realization, it is okay to make mistakes, to lose friends or lovers and to undergo what may be the worst time of your life (at whatever point your life may be).

It is the recognition that in spite of it all, things will get better.

Even when we feel like we are drowning in all things bad, we should always remember to put oneself first. It is not wrong or selfish to do so. So, stop being too hard on yourself. Like everything else, these too shall pass.

There are many benefits to why we should always practice self-love.

For one, it is being able to have some semblance of control over and be satisfied with your life. Once you have learnt to accept and love yourself more, your view of life changes in a snap of a finger. What was once bad is now viewed in a more positive light.

When we love our self, we tend to pick up better habits as a process to ensure that we live our best life. Some of these better habits may include hitting the gym, opting for healthier alternative meals and cutting down your usual TGIF drinks. This helps to relax your mind, body and soul.

Another outcome from practicing self-love is a healthier mental outlook.

Since we have come to terms with the fact that life is a constant mix of bad and good and one state will eventually lead to another, it triggers a positive mentality.

We learn to be less anxious of what cannot be controlled. Our new outlook and positivity will radiate through not only in life but also to our mental wellbeing. Acceptance definitely reduces anxiety and, who knows, maybe even depression.

However, be warned! As you pursue your own happiness with self-loving, you will inevitably come across those who think that you’re just being plain selfish. THIS. IS. NOT. TRUE...

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

For all you know, they may be jealous because you have reached that level of contentment without having to rely on anyone or anything.

So, when you feel that your world is turning upside down, relax and take a deep breathe! Life isn’t always going to be easy. In fact, life is messy. The importance is to find your self-loving centre, reflect, accept and move on.

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