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Work from home also means Working out from Home

When Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) was enforced, I had my workout sessions all planned. I had a system -- workout two to three times a week with my friends. We would go either boxing or spin class.

But with the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases and the implementation of CMCO, everything changed again. Our weekly in-person workout turned into virtual workout sessions. We were quite motivated initially, going for virtual jog and enrolling in online workout sessions together. As the CMCO drags on, the enthusiasm died down because it just did not feel the same.

However, I was not giving up on getting fit. I was doing quite well in terms of losing weight since I started boxing and spin classes. So, I started looking for alternatives that would keep me motivated. I highly recommend two workout plans for those who are itching to sweat it out in the comfort of your homes.

Australian YouTuber, Chloe Ting, posts workout videos focusing on specific parts of the body. Some of the areas that she focuses on are booty, core, abs, legs and arms, to name a few. I find them highly effective because I get to plan out and compartmentalize my workout. This is good, so I won’t end up straining the same muscle groups.

On her channel, she has a series called 2 Weeks Shred. The 2 Weeks Shred Series are intense 11 to 26 minutes workout videos that promise to give you a good, sweat-infused after-workout glow. Despite the guaranteed muscle aches the next day, it is totally worth it because there is actually a difference in your body definition (only if you do it back-to-back, every day for two weeks).

The other alternative to working out from home is by playing a video game. Yes! You heard that right. VIDEO GAME.

Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure is rather entertaining and interesting because it introduces a new perspective to working out. The Ring Fit Adventure is a workout action role-playing game developed by Nintendo for its Switch console.

So how you play the game is that you are required to use leg strap and a large resistance ring. These are connected to the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch (the controller) to track and measure your every move.

Image taken from Nintendo

The gameplay of the Ring Fit Adventure might seem easy at first, but as you progress you’ll find that it gets harder.

You’ll start by jogging on the spot as you breeze through the adventure. There will be obstacles that require muscle work and movements. One of the movements includes having jump in the game. To jump, you’ll need to point the resistance ring down and squeeze. It may t sound easy, but it’s really not if you don’t have the proper arm muscles.

There will also be a time when you’ll have to attack the monsters. To do so, you need to pick from a selection of exercises and do the reps. These exercises include warrior pose, planking or squats. After every level, you would have worked out practically your entire body without even realizing it because you are having fun!

Unfortunately, the fun comes with a rather steep price tag. You need to buy the console which cost about RMRM1.2k to RM1.3k while Ring Fit Adventure game (leg strap and ring included) will set you back RM470 to RM600.

These are my go-tos when it comes to working out from home. Would I go back to working out in-person when CMCO is lifted? Well it depends. For now, I will settle for these two interesting alternatives.

What are your home workouts?

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