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Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, I caught the bug. A bug which I reckon will not go away until the Covid-19 vaccine is found!

It’s the travel bug. Just like an irritating itch, it is something not easy to shake off as the idle mind during Movement Control Order and its never-ending sequels… just wanders.

Abating the fertile imagination of a wandering idle mind is the natural tendency to break free from restrictions – in this instance, closed borders in a lockdown. It just kept on fanning the desire to travel, which, admittedly, was seduced during my university days.

In a span of two years, I travelled to eight countries! Yes, it was a privilege in no small measure for an undergraduate. But the how is another story and lest that I digress, I recall till today that those were the happiest days of my life.

There is something about travelling that makes you feel somewhat liberated. The expectation of an adventure, the thrill of heading off to a foreign land of people, language and cuisines you’ve never experienced before. 2020 was going to be a travelling year for me. The first trip just days before departure had to be cancelled on the side of caution and safety. Even plans were derailed, it was prudent and acceptable. But what I was not prepared for was the revenge of the travel bug which reared its ugly head in earnest when MCO came.

Locked down, but my mind refused to be locked out of the places that I could travel to. For a travel-infected mind, the next best thing to do is to treat it (read as: humour it) and teleport.

So here’s the list of places I want to go to (which for now, just settle as to teleport to):

No 1: Guatamela. The Mayan civilization and its ruins have been my fascination for the longest time. Tikal is an ancient citadel that is well known and is the largest in Guatamela. At Tikal, its iconic ruins include the giant, Mundo Perdido Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar.

Photo by Jimmy Baum on Unsplash

Besides the ruins, there is also Antigua which I have always wanted to see for myself. The UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its postcard-esque scenery, where (according to my research) you can try proper Guatamelan street food. I’m rather interested in trying Mixtas, the Guatamelan version of a hotdog. ‘But it’s just another hotdog!’. Nope, it’s not. What makes it unique is that instead of the sausage being laid down in a bun, it is laid down in a tortilla filled with lime-dressed coleslaw, guac and green chilies. Yum, yum!

No 2: Mauritius. When it comes to traveling, trying out different flavours is a must. Mauritius is known for its diverse cuisine, which has been influenced by the taste of the French, Indians, Africans and Asians, creating a burst of flavours.

One dish that I’m intrigued by is Bol Renversé, known as the Upside Down Bowl and Magic Bowl. This dish is made out of rice, served stir-fry sauce or chop suey. Protein such as chicken or other types are then added to the chop suey with an egg over it. That must be delicious!

Mauritius is also rich in culture! There is a traditional dance that is regularly performed around the islands of Mauritius called Sega which originated in Africa and is accompanied by songs in the native language of the Mauritians, Creole. This is definitely a performance I wouldn’t want to miss!

No 3: Cyrus. Another destination because of the food! Cypriot food is known to be world famous, especially their halloumi cheese. Although I am lactose intolerant, cheese is a must. Halloumi cheese is made from a mixture of cow and goat’s milk and then its grilled to perfection. Besides cheese, Cyprus is also known for its freshest seafood and Cypriot coffee!

Cyprus is rich in ancient history dating back to 1100 BC and cultural heritage. Cyprus is divided into the Southern Greek side, and the Northern Turkish side. There is a city called Salamis that was once upon a time host to Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians and Romans. How fascinating is that?

Guatamela, Maurities and Cyprus are currently my top three destinations to teleport to. Hopefully one day, when travelling is safe again, I would be able to actually make to these places. What are the destinations that you would like to teleport to?

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