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SeriusAh Who?

Our lives begin as a blank slate.  Life draws on it and before we know it, there is an untold story in each of us.

Living and making a living can rob us of our stories and make us forget that all of us are natural story tellers – some better than others.  Foolishly we think that only the rich and famous, celebrities, politicians and the successful have stories to tell.  No one wants to listen our mundane stories.

SeriusAh wants to prove that you are WRONG!  We want to be the channel for Everyman and their stories – interesting and feel-good ones, brave and uplifting ones, heart-breaking and searching ones.  Conceptualised by the people at Quattro Communications in the fertile ground of WFH inactivity, SeriusAh aims to be that PLATFORM to give everyone a VOICE through their stories.

We want the regular man (and woman), the under-the-radar companies, the behind-the-scene people to be HEARD and be the INSPIRATION for others.

More importantly, we want to help to you hone skills and bring out the best in you to tell stories.  After all, we are in the business of communications and writing – seriously!

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