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Patience And Perseverance Not Instant Gratification

In an age where instant rewards and gratification are the norm, Vincent Chong has one piece of advice for those who want to succeed – be patient and persevere; do not take shortcuts.

This Champion of the Rockwills Group Trust Award attributes his success to his recognition of the importance of working with customers at their pace.

“Estate planning can be very complicated to many. As estate planners we have to be patient in our explanation. We need to be able to explain and simplify what we do so that our customers can understand.
“We also need to give them time to absorb and digest. This can be a long process and our efforts may not see fruition for some time,” Vincent said.

If anyone knows what he is talking about it would be Vincent who also hold the distinction of being a leader of Rockwills’

  • Million Dollar Group member

  • Golden Club Group Double Qualifiers

To Vincent, estate planners should take pride in the fact that they are advisers and not just service providers.

He explained: “Our clients work hard to accumulate their wealth and assets. Our role then is to advise them on the best way to protect their hard-earned success be it for themselves or their descendants.

“I see a growing demand ahead. Covid 19 has shown us the fragility of life. Today, Malaysians are less superstitious. Regardless of their age, one of their key goals now is to protect their families especially if they have children. Therefore, I see a bright future for estate planning.”
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