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To Thian Mei Ling, estate planning is not a job but a business and, like any business, it has to be approached with seriousness and planning.

Her clear view has kept her focused and motivated as a Rockwills Estate Planner and she has been rewarded fruitfully as she clinched the following awards:

  • Champion - Prepaid Challenge Award

  • 100K Club member

  • Rockwills Golden Club Personal Qualifier

Like any other business owners, Thian had her share of challenges. Telling herself to be thick-skinned and not take rejections personally, she pressed on making cold calls and conducting talks on the importance of Wills and Trusts first in her hometown of Kuching and gradually expanding to nearby towns.

All the time, she kept her eyes on her goal – to be a comprehensive wealth planner. She used current topics and global happenings to underscore her message of the need to plan before it is too late.

Slowly but surely, family members and friends who rejected her turned around realising the wisdom of her advice and the need to be prepared. They signed on and over time came to appreciate the fact that Thian had their well-being at heart.

“What we do can help a lot of people if done properly and correctly. Ours is a lifetime business, not a quick gain business. To succeed we have to see ourselves as business persons and like any business, if we are trustworthy and sincere, it will grow,” advised Thian.
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