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Navigating The Legal Processes

Having witnessed first-hand the consequences of not having a will, KC Han is a firm believer in estate planning.

Thanks to the encouragement of her husband, she signed up as a Rockwills Estate Planner and has never looked back.

Her chosen career allowed her to help her clients to plan ahead hence minimising the anxiety and anguish loved ones may face due to the absence of a will. Her experience also served as a pillar of strength and as an invaluable resource as she helped many families to navigate the legal processes.

“We all know that without a will the distribution of a deceased’s assets can be delayed for 5 years or more. This brings untold anguish and anxiety to those who are left behind. I am happy that as an estate planner I am able to help my clients to navigate the legal processes and bring them peace of mind at a difficult time,” said KC.

Armed with this desire to help, KC quickly gained success and recognition within Rockwills. Amongst her accolades are:

  • Champion – Appointment Challenge Award

  • 100K Club member

  • Rockwills Golden Club Personal Qualifiers

Success and recognition for KC do come with a price. In her case it is hard work, persistence and an unfaltering belief in self when the going gets tough.

KC added : “I would be lying if I say that the path is smooth sailing. A few things keep me going and key among them are the strong support I received from Rockwills and the company, recognition by my clients and the knowledge that I am truly giving families peace of mind at a crucial time.”

KC recalled how a client, who was on his deathbed, conducted a video call just to thank her for drawing up and reviewing his Will several times over the years.

“It is incidents like this that make all the hard work and sacrifices worthwhile and reinforce the fact that what I do makes a difference in a person’s and a family’s life,” KC concluded.
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