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Educate your way to success

Once an educator, always an educator and this certainly holds true for Karen Lee, Rockwills’ Platinum Club member and Golden Club Personal Qualifier.

Undaunted by the fact that she started with no marketing experience and a zero-client network, Karen decided to do what she does best to build her business. A former lecturer, Karen began to provide educational public seminars on the importance of Estate Planning in both English and Chinese to reach out to the multitudes in Penang.

Thanks to the support from Rockwills, the Penang Chinese Town Hall and the media, Karen’s business grew over time. Today, she is synonymous with estate planning in Penang.

“I believe in educating my clients on the benefits of having their estate planning properly planned and structured while they are healthy and well. Once the clients fully understand, their reticence is replaced by urgency as they want to avoid unpredictable events which may cause them not to have the opportunity to sign their Will,” shared Karen.

A professional who believes in the importance of lifelong education, Karen studied for a licence in financial advisory. “After becoming a REP, I realised the need for financial literacy among my clients. So, I journeyed on to be a fully licenced Financial Advisor in 2016. Today we provide comprehensive financial advisory besides estate planning services to our clients.”

Indeed, education is the key to success as demonstrated by Karen. Her advice to aspiring estate planners is that the willingness to educate self, to educate clients and the community will go a long way in building professionalism and the future.

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