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Talk to Reegan Ho and he will tell you that more and more young Malaysians are putting together their wills and trusts. This may be due to easy access to online media and information or the increasing occurrence of calamities, accidents and global pandemics that make young Malaysians become more aware of how unpredictable life can be.

For Ho, the myth about being too young to draw up a will should be dispelled. More are beginning to realise that death does not necessarily go with age. Natural and man-made disasters, diseases, and accidents often come unannounced. Only by planning ahead can we show our love for our family.

As a young estate planner, these developments underscore his belief that estate planning is the trend of the future and the prospect is bright.

“Public awareness is increasing. This only means that a greater proportion of the population will look into estate planning. As only a minority of the population has completed asset planning, the market is huge,” said Ho who joined the industry initially just to earn some extra income.

Over time he came to like what he did more and more and his side hustle soon became his main stay. This is most evident when he clinched the following awards recently

  • Champion - Rising Star (Sales) category

  • 100K Club member

  • Rockwills Golden Club Personal Qualifier

“I have come to realise that in this industry, 1+1 does necessarily equal two. It is not about statistics but relationships. Our clients trust us and we need to understand their needs, problems and wishes and come up with solutions that are acceptable to them. It is very challenging and fulfilling,” said Ho.

It is the challenge of doing what’s best for his clients that drives Ho’s passion and sustain his drive.

What’s his advice to those who join the industry?

“First, know how to help others solve problems, and then love this profession. You will then enjoy this achievement very much, and the result will not disappoint you,” added Ho.

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