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The Generational Nurturer

While it was the money that first attracted Chew Giok Wah to Rockwills and the estate planning industry, his motivation now has shifted.

Today, he derives greater satisfaction from nurturing and building the next generation of estate planners. His mission is to bring new blood into the industry and pass on his vision of helping others plan for and protect their wealth.

Chew is no stranger to Rockwills’ estate planners. He was hailed the company’s Champion – Top recruiter. Over and above that, his other accolades include:

  • 1st runner up - Rockwills Challenge Trophy

  • Platinum Club member

  • Rockwills Golden Club Personal & Group Double Qualifier

While his years as a Rockwills estate planner have given him a good income, the opportunity to travel the world and the chance for personal and professional growth, Chew sees his greatest reward as being able to help others.

“It is not just helping my clients to plan properly but my team of REPs to grow in professional knowledge, self-awareness and in their earnings. To me, estate planning is a noble profession on both sides of the scale,” said Chew.

He added : “This is why I am passionate about nurturing the next generation. The way ahead is so exciting – the changing social media scene and marketing techniques. The young and the old can learn so much from each other. Truly the sky is the limit if we combine knowledge and experience with technology savviness and dynamism.”

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