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Look Up, Look Ahead, Look Within – The Way to Succeed

Ng Cheh How has a successful gameplan which involves setting goals. And, to reach those goals, one has to first and foremost, Look Up – to identify top mentors and achievers and learn from their strengths.

Then it is to Look Ahead – to the goal that you want to attain and focus on how to get there. Finally, it is to Look Within – to assess one’s limitations and weaknesses and find ways to address them quickly.

It is no wonder that this driven estate planner was presented with the following awards recently:

  • Champion - Trust Challenge Award

  • Platinum Club member

  • Rockwills Golden Club Personal Qualifier

Recalling his journey so far, Ng revealed that he joined Rockwills because he wanted to be a professional.

“Rockwills is a major established trust company and I get a lot of support and guidance from them. Since I joined Rockwills, I had the opportunity to meet many successful and high-level people, consulting them on their estate planning needs and learning from them. The experience enhances my professional growth and improved my soft skills helping me to be more effective,” said Ng.

According to Ng, his agency’s mission is to help his clients to protect the money they make so that they can pass on the wealth to their families.

Ng explained: “We are the estate planning experts. My team and I are committed to help those who come to us by protecting their assets. That’s our mission and the driving force that propels our growth.”

Like many of his fellow estate planners, Ng encourages more young Malaysians to join the industry. He strongly believes that it is one that will shape and develop well-rounded professionals whilst helping them to view life from a macro perspective.

“As estate planners, we provide our customers with different angles and perspectives to their needs. For us to do this effectively, we have to equip ourselves. It is a great way to develop ourselves,” How added.

Furthermore, as Rockwills’ clientele evolves to embrace the younger generation, the coming on board of young estate planners will be a good match.

How explained: “The younger generation should join this profession because the future is bright. The market is huge and people’s recognition of the industry and their need for estate planning are growing. Now is the perfect time to come on board.”

Take this from someone who has his success gameplan all laid out!

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