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The Vaccination Reaction – To jab or not to jab?

Sui Ling has always had a low immune system. But thanks to vaccinations (flu jabs etc), she has found herself going to the clinic less. This is good and bad, good because she won’t feel like she’s dying because of flu, bad because she can no longer take MC.

I strongly believe in vaccinations and I encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Every day, we are constantly exposed to viruses and bacteria, and with the current state of our environment, we have no idea what scary viruses are lurking around the corner.

Based on my research, did you know that vaccine-preventable diseases are still lurking around? Those who are not vaccinated are not protected from viruses and bacteria that cause one to get sick or worst, DEATH. Vaccination does make a difference to your lifeline; every year many people die from vaccine-preventable infections that are highly dangerous.

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) around the world recommend getting vaccinated throughout your life in order to protect yourself against viruses, bacteria and infection. Vaccines help to stay healthy, preventing one to be exposed to illnesses. Not everyone know this, but based on what I’ve read on official health sites globally, vaccines are as important as a healthy diet and exercise to your overall health. Being vaccinated is one of the most hassle-free and cost-effective ways of being protected from diseases instead of spending your life savings treating it.

When you are vaccinated, you lower the chances of spreading unwanted diseases to the community and to your loved ones. Due to age and health conditions, some may not be eligible for certain vaccines. With this, these vulnerable individuals depend on your vaccinated self to stop the spread of unwanted disease.

Like everything else in the world, some things must be debated by those who aren’t fond of an idea/concept.

Anti-vaxxers believe that being vaccinated won’t protect you from diseases. Based on health articles and reports, those who have been vaccinated are still at risk of falling sick, HOWEVER, they will show mild symptoms compared to those who aren’t vaccinated. Those against vaccines believe that diseases were dying out due to better hygiene. This is untrue as there was a resurgence of already eradicated diseases.

In a nutshell, vaccination protects you and those around you from diseases. So to jab or not to jab? That is completely up to you. But before your stand by your decision to not jab, please think about the risks you may expose your loved ones too. Me? I’ll be jabbing my way out of the diseases radar. Bye bye viruses, bye bye diseases, bye bye infections!

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