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Madam W - Malaysia’s own Wonder Woman

A ‘Madam W’ surfaced in the news recently. With her identity withheld, it piqued interest as the media billed her as a ‘mysterious woman’ in relation to her heroic philanthropy.

The air of mystery stirred up by the media brought to light this Wonder Woman and her super human feat, performed not just once but year after year after her death.

If not for Rockwills Trustee which went to the media with this news, many would not be in wonderment of what a super hero we have in her.

Super heroes need not wear capes. Neither do they need to be alive to save people. Madam W showed that she could help orphans regularly even after her death. It was as if she has a remote control and from heaven make her money on earth to make more money. And then distribute the earned money for the welfare and happiness of orphans.

What has just been made known is that since 2013, over RM1.1 million in total has been distributed to orphanages in Malaysia, each year to about 20 orphanages.

Wow, a magnificent feat that is unparalleled indeed! How she did this is simply ingenious.

In an incredibly smart way, Madam W willed part of her estate – RM6 million -- to be held in trust for investment and the recurring income from that to be donated each year to selected orphanages.

What a visionary lady with a big heart! Instead of a one-off act of charity after her death, she came out with an astute estate plan that involved her initial capital working hard to earn money to uplift the lives of orphans. That enabled her philanthropy to be extended beyond human life and in perpetuity.

In fulfilling Madam W’s Last Will and Testament, Rockwills Trustee, as the appointed Trustee, recently held a Trust Donation Presentation Ceremony to distribute close to RM190,000 to 20 orphanages that are home for 1,100 orphans.

Paying tribute to Madam W for her smart estate planning, Rockwills Trustee Chief Executive Officer Azhar Iskandar Hew said: “It is an example of a well formulated estate plan to be considered and followed. It underscores that wills and trusts can be effective and versatile estate planning tools for wealth distribution to not just loved ones but also deserving segments of society.”

Tasked as the enabler of Madam W’s philanthropy, Rockwills Trustee has an internal operations committee comprising directors and senior management to devise and manage an investment plan to safely ensure Madam W’s estate is handled diligently to give steady returns annually.

Philanthropy and benevolence know no boundaries and limit. All it needs is a big heart, a dash of creativity and lots of love!

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