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Kena Kantoi and Do Something in Aid of Breast Cancer

Kantoi, the irreverent and delightfully offensive Malaysian not-for-profit brand, is back with a new collection of cheeky bags and this time they are being sold to raise funds for Tung Shin Hospital in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To help them effectively achieve their mission, Kantoi will be collaborating with Ninja Van Malaysia to deliver their fund-raising initiative.

Also lending their support to Kantoi’s Pink October latest effort are actresses Tong Bingyu, Sangeeta Krishnasamy and Sharifah Amani, as well as artist Red Hong Yi.

Kantoi pops up occasionally with its locally made bag collections in aid of Malaysian causes, while helping local businesses along the way, and in conjunction with Pink October it has reappeared with a new set of saucy slogans.

The latest Kantoi collection will feature funny boob quotes such as “Feel For Bumps, Save Your Lumps”, “I Love You With All My Boobs” and “Reach For The Stars…It Keeps Your Boobs From Sagging”.

Proceeds from latest collection will go to the Cancer Centre of Tung Shin Hospital to help with the treatment of breast cancer for its underprivileged patients.

The funds will be used to help them in a variety of areas such as medical treatment, prosthetics, counselling and even wigs through the hospital’s wig exchange programme.

“We wanted the money to go to Tung Shin because many breast cancer charities already have regular access to funding while this charity hospital relies on donations to treat poor people who cannot afford to go elsewhere,” said Kantoi founder, Min Lim.

“The very first batch of bags was created for fun to help a local printer whose business was doing badly and we gave them away to friends but people kept asking if they could buy them, so we decided to make more bags for sale with all the profit going to charity,” added Min.

“Please donate, buy, support or just have a laugh because we’re offending people for a good cause!”

Head of Tung Shin Hospital’s Cancer Centre, Dr Tan Meng Kuan said, “Cancer can affect anyone, from all walks of life, and what is important is that they are able to have access to treatment which is what we strive to provide at Tung Shin Hospital. The donations we receive can provide someone with hope.”

The bags are sold in a box of five for RM100 or individually for RM25. The box can be purchased through the Kantoi Instagram page (kantoi.kl) or at Journey Indoor Cycling Studio while the individual ones can be purchased through Kitsch via their website (

Every delivery is free, courtesy of Kantoi’s official Pink October initiative logistics service provider partner, Ninja Van Malaysia.

“At Ninja Van, we’re committed to go beyond just logistics to empower local businesses and homegrown brands. This is why we’re honoured to be partnering with Kantoi, who shares the same commitment as us, for such a great cause. Through this initiative, it is our hope that there will be more awareness raised on breast cancer and together we can ease the burden of those in need,” said Adzim Halim, CEO of Ninja Van Malaysia.

The bags will available for sale from 7th October onwards.

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