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Kantoi Makes A Pit Stop For The Holiday Season

Kantoi has decided to continue being irreverent and delightfully offensive right up the end of 2020, because the Malaysian not-for-profit brand decided the year couldn’t get any worse anyway.

Kantoi, who pops up occasionally with its locally made bag collections in aid of Malaysian causes while helping local businesses along the way, returns this time with a new range of stash pouches emblazoned with labels that you’d want to flaunt in front of your enemies or hide from your parents; but, as always, with the proceeds going to a good cause.

For the holiday season, when food is very much a focus of the celebrations, Kantoi’s latest fund-raising initiative is in aid of Pit Stop Community Cafe which provides meals for the homeless street community.

The latest Kantoi collection will feature stash pouches labelled with “Lunch Money”, “Porn Stash”, “Tequila Fund”, “Whip And Handcuffs” and “Knobs And Knockers” which are being sold in a set of 5 for RM80 and will be available from 5th December onwards.

“We chose Pit Stop Community Cafe as the beneficiary of our latest outburst of rude thoughts because hunger does not discriminate. If you are complaining about Christmas dinner just not being the same this year, just remember that there are people who can’t even feed themselves dinner. You’re thinking about the meal you’re going to have next week but there are people who don’t even know if they can make it through the day,” said Kantoi founder, Min Lim (林秀敏).

“Which is why the entire profit from every pouch sold will go to helping Pit Stop Community Café so that it can continue dishing out food (and their brand of tough love that they do so well) to those who need it to nourish their body and soul. These guys fight the good fight so thank you for sharing some of your stash as a gift to those who need it the most.”

“This is another step in a journey that has been incredibly fulfilling for us. Our first “angry” collection in aid of the Women’s Aid Organisation is still on sale but we managed to sell out of the “boobs” collection in aid of the Tung Shin Hospital Cancer Centre which has been great! So we want to thank everyone for the amazing support; the funds are where they should be now – with the hospital being used for the treatment of underprivileged breast cancer patients. And so we want to keep going – to keep helping people who need it,” added Min.

For the urban poor and marginalised communities, soup kitchens play an important role in helping to catch some of those who slip through the cracks of society and serve them a lifesaving meal.

Pit Stop Community Cafe co-founder Joycelyn Lee said the pandemic has made the lives of those who are out of work and have no money even worse.

“While we do feed the homeless, not all of those who came to get a solid meal at Pit Stop Community Cafe are. Even before the pandemic, which has made the situation worse, some of those who rely on us to get their meals are those who have lost their jobs or daily wages, not to mention old people who can’t look after themselves,” said Lee.

“There are a lot of hungry people out there and we can all do a little something to take care of our fellow human beings and one way of doing that is by making sure they know that there is a meal for them when they need it,” she said.

To help Kantoi effectively achieve its mission, it will once again be collaborating with Ninja Van as its logistics service provider partner to deliver the pouches for free.

“At Ninja Van, we’re committed to go beyond just logistics to empower local businesses and homegrown brands. This is why we’re honoured to be partnering with Kantoi, which shares the same commitment as us, for such a great cause. Through this initiative, we hope that this festive season less people will go hungry and together we can ease the burden of those in need,” said Adzim Halim, CEO of Ninja Van Malaysia.

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