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From Fashion-Backward to Fashion-Forward

2020’s fashion must-have is undoubtedly the mask!

While the on-set of the pandemic saw a mad scramble for surgical masks, with time, the demand has evolved. Five months down the road masks have become the latest fashion statement.

Masks being sold now can be spotted in different sizes, colours, shapes and flamboyancy.

Diamond-studded, gold crusted and designers branded are spotted on those who want to exert their social status and positions. For the funky, there are sequins-dotted and neon-coloured masks. And, for the fashionable, there is a mask for every occasion.

Truly, masks have moved from being fashion backward to fashion forward. What’s your fav mask?

Besides getting your masks from fashion shops, or making your own, why not support a social enterprise and its cause in exchange for a mask? Take Dignity for Children Foundation for example. One of their enterprises, sew X dignity offers high-quality, lovingly sewn goods out of up-cycled and local fabrics.

Dignity offers a variety of mask for adults and children in different colours and designs. Upon purchasing, all profit goes directly back to Dignity for Children Foundation to educate more youth, and transform lives.

So what are you waiting for? Get your level up your fashion game with these masks. Express yourself.

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