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My 2nd dose experience was superfast! In fact, I felt hurried throughout the process. If anything, the waiting to get in time was longer!

Just a quick reminder to all

  • Don’t forget your vaccination card!

  • Bring a pen!

  • Screenshot your Digital Vaccination Certificate and store it

Now to share the process since my 1st dose. I arrived at 08:30 for my 09:00 appointment. There are two doors – Dose 1 and Dose 2. I went in the Dose 2 door.

Once I checked in, I waited for my number to be called. Meanwhile I was given a form to complete. Basic questions like any previous reactions, are you pregnant, etc

When my number was called, I go to the counter and handed in my completed form for input. Then I wait to be vaccinated

I find that this round the injection was a tad bit painful but I didn’t feel the after-injection soreness like the 1st dose. Maybe more thick skinned now!

Once done I hand in my vaccination card for them to update and to input and I am off! Easy-peasy!

Checked MySejahtera for my digital certificate and screenshot it for safe-keeping!

And I am all done and dusted! They asked if I wanted to hang around for 15 minutes. I told them “No need lah” and they let me off!

After Effects

2 hours after my injection – I feel fine. No soreness. No headaches. Not tired or sleepy

Let’s see how later in the day and tomorrow

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