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TikTok Fashion, yay or nay?

TikTok rules. Creeping in to occupy the void of free time that the Movement Control Order accorded, it became the staple time-killing entertainment for many.

Learning dance moves. Lip syncing. Prank stunts. TikTok quickly dethroned the craze of making of Dalgona coffee and burnt cheesecake for example to dominate the new norm lives of many.

As a mid-20s millennial, I have nothing but admiration for the GenZs on how good they take to TikTok picking up dance moves, lip syncing and even expressive makeup (both beautiful and scary). I have tried a few times and almost twisted my ankle, dancing... (and sheepishly admit never again!) But besides all the entertaining videos one can drown oneself in for hours (and I mean, more than two-hour stretch, just to show how arresting and addictive it could be), one can also drown in a variety of fashion inspo.

Now, this is something up my alley. What I gathered from TikTok is that fashionable in 2021 will be blast from the past.

One of the trends on TikTok that I like is the comeback for Tie Dye. Tie Dye ruled in between the 1960s and 1970s. Hippies used it as a tool to preach love and compassion as well as express individualism[1] and it became a fashion statement to reject violence, capitalism, materialism and uniformity.

While not one from the Woodstock era, I can resonate with tie dye and its representation of peace. On good days, where I don’t wear black (my staple uniform almost to any function or work), I would pair a cute Tie Dye shirt with a white shorts or skinny jeans.

The other trend that has been raised from the dead is biker shorts. Who knew shorts that was supposed to be worn when working out, or cycling (as in the name) could be considered as fashion. At first I thought it looked kind of funny and casual, but pair it with an oversized hoodie and bam! you’re the new fashion icon. Did you know that Princess Diana (may her soul rest in peace) and Madonna rocked biker shorts and made it into a fashion statement in the 80s and 90s?

With lockdowns being implemented worldwide, sweatsuits could be another obvious comeback. They are ideal especially since everyone is just lounging/working from home.

Wanna look comfortable but stylish at the same time for your virtual meeting? Get your sweatsuit on and pair it with a loose blazer. You will probably be the most fashionable on your screen. (BRB, going to wash my old Juicy Couture sweatsuit and wear it for my next meeting, hopefully it still fits!)

If you’re not into fashion from the past, and would rather wear something more practical. Athleisure can also be found as one of the trending fashion on TikTok. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Dreading another day of working from home? Just put on a nice top and pair it with a high-waisted leggings. Have a meeting in a bit? Wear your blazer on top and bam, you’re ready to take on the world.

With all of these fashion trends emerging from the past, you’re damn right I’ll be thrift shopping soon. Why wouldn’t a mid-20s want to keep up with trends created by the GenZs? I don’t want to be called lame. We gotta keep up with the times and not be outdated even when we’re just stuck at home.

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