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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Everyone has a story. Makcik Kiah. Ah Chong Suk. Macha Muthu. The office worker. The food delivery boy. The boss… It is how you tell your story.

Remember that some of the best stories were told by our grandparents? As we sat around them, helping ourselves to the langsat, we hang on to every word they say and cringe with fear when they relate stories of encounters with ghosts and what not.

Over time, we kind of lost those skills or the appetite to tell stories. We have been conditioned that only the rich and famous, celebrities, politicians and the successful have stories to tell. The media feature them. We, the masses, lap it up. And... our misconception that no one wants our stories continues.

Seriously, we believe that behind each of us there is an untold story -- interesting, feel-good ones, brave and uplifting ones – if only the regular man in the street care to tell and the rest of us care to listen.

SeriusAh wants to promote this and help to shape and write these stories, especially during this time of the new normal and new experiences.

We want to give not only the Makcik Kiahs but also the regular employees, the working mums, the journalists who get the news and not in the news, the struggling bosses, etc the PLATFORM to tell their stories.

SeriusAh, conceptualised in the fertile ground of WfH inactivity, aims to be that PLATFORM to give everyone a VOICE through their stories. We want the small man, the under-the-radar companies, the behind-the-scene people to be HEARD and be the INSPIRATION for others.

And we want to help to hone skills and bring out the best in us to tell stories. After all, it is inherent in all of us to tell stories. We are all natural-born story tellers.

Believe not? Just try out this simple test: You heard an explosive sound. Then a scream. You looked towards the noise. You saw a man clutching his stomach where blood was flowing. And he fell to the ground. And another man with a gun ran away…

How did you relate this when you went home later? “A man was shot…” There you go, you told the most interesting part; and actually, gave the headline. With that you have begun to tell your story.

SeriusAh wants to make it easy for you to tell your stories with thought joggers. Just pen your answers to the thought joggers and send them to and viola, you have regained your lost skill of storytelling! SeriusAh will put the facts together in a narrative to make your stories compelling.

Let’s be partners in shaping and telling stories. Our journey begins…

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