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Lockdown A Song?

There’s therapy for the confined and restrained in a lockdown as this songbird finds out…

The downside to lockdown is common knowledge by now with shared experiences aplenty in social media after we have gone through from Movement Control Order (MCO) to the several other acronym-in-your-face phases.

The mixed feelings of the fear of the unknown lurking virus that brought about (in)voluntary confinement interspersed with the thrill of the never-experienced new norm dissipated into B-O-R-E-D-O-M as the days went by.

As the hole of confinement-inactivity grew gaping after having settled into the MCO routine, the cold-turkey effects of missing karaoke nights throbbed in my head. The addiction of social singing could not be satiated with social distancing ruling supreme.

Not until… an angel of an ex-schoolmate pointed me to Quan Ming K Party app. Lockdown literally became a song after that!

It was just too good to have karaoke back into my mundane life with karaoke room to boot, topped with safety of physical distancing!

With this karaoke app, users can create their own karaoke room and pick their songs to sing. And what was cool was being able to visit other karaoke rooms and sing with strangers (something that will be surely frowned upon in physical karaoke rooms!)

Going into karaoke rooms of strangers and singing is virtually different. There’s no inhibition. No feeling of unapproving dagger-like eyes burning flesh on one’s back. Conversely, it was easy-peasy to make friends! As my MCO nights became filled with virtual karaoke outings, my circle of online friends grew – exponentially by my standards!

My confidence also grew to the extent that I even tried out having my own concert – something that I wouldn’t even dream of, if not for the feature in the app. The experience? Exhilarating! Dopamine overload to be on stage and in the presence of an appreciative audience.

This virtual K-experience evolved into an unforgettable meet up of newly made online friends after MCO was lifted. Lunch dragged on to dinner and later a karaoke night in a physical karaoke room – and for the very first time, getting to see the person sing instead of just the voice!

Now back into CMCO, physical meet-ups will be on hold and social singing will be karaoke with a distance.

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