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Halo Ventures is fast tracking its very own digital mall, O’HaloS, thanks to COVID-19.

When the owners were setting up Halo Ventures, their vision was to represent international lifestyle brands starting with Skechers. They have since added Obag, ANTA and O’BiteS putting themsleves in the wellness and health segments through a business model combining brick-and-mortar and online.

“Setting up a comprehensive e-commerce site has always been our plan. The pandemic just warp-speeded the process,” said Spencer Chua, CEO of Halo Ventures.

O’HaloS ( is the company’s e-commerce multi-brand platform that connects its stores and customers in the best safe-way.

Chua added: “The need to keep physical distance makes having an O’HaloS digital mall the just-right and best proposition for a safe-environment shopping. With O’HaloS, our customers can shop in safety. It is a positive and safe environment even in a pandemic situation.

“Going forward, O’HaloS will serve as a growth engine for Halo Venture’s businesses which will be literally be operating round the clock, 24x7,” Chua added.

O’HaloS provides the company a channel to increase awareness, drive conversion from its brick-and-mortar outlets, and garner sales. More importantly, the shift to digitalisation allows Halo Ventures to respond quicker to the uncertain business landscape and market requirements.

Pivoting online is not without it challenges.

“The learning curve is steep. We have to look into which online shopping platform to use, warehousing and logistics fulfilment. For instance, the online store layout has to be attractive and user-friendly while the back-end has to be efficient and seamless,” confided Chua.

Looking ahead optimistically, Chua enthused: “Once the whole Covid-19 situation improves, we plan on having more brands onboard O’HaloS so that we can provide more varieties to our customers.

“Ultimately, we want to be a one stop multi-brand online mall, where shoppers feel at ease shopping for their sportswear, lifestyle brands and healthy snacks at their convenience and seeing their orders fulfilled in a single delivery.”

Truly with every challenge there are also opportunities. As long as the spirit is willing and strong, Malaysia and Malaysians will come through.


O’HaloS was started to bring you international brands of distinct quality to suit the current lifestyle related to wellness and health. We source brands and products that are loved for their distinctiveness and more importantly, their authenticity. From USA to Italy to China, we hope to offer you access to different products of quality and uniqueness from a trusted online multi-brand store. We commit to strive to grow our store and bring you more choices of brands to give you the convenience of shopping in the comfort and safety of your own home. We are organised with you in mind so that you will shop in our store with delight and be happy with our services. Let us unlock the value of selected global brands with ongoing consumer insights and at affordable pricing for you!

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