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Things to be happy about despite the current situation we are in

I’m pretty sure as we ushered in 2020, we didn’t expect the bulk of the year being spent in lockdown because of Covid-19. I remember being on holidays in December, 2019, nary a worry about Covid-19.

Never in a million years, would I expect to find myself stuck at home and not being able to go out at all.

During lockdown, I started a lot of activities I never see myself doing -- learning to cook and to bake, making Dalgona coffee all day every day, working out at home and even drinking with friends through the computer screen.

There were also bad times during the lockdown. When you are cooped up at home for the longest time with your family members, arguments are bound to happen. It’s completely natural. I remember there were times when we didn’t even want to sit together for meals, so jelat were we of each other.

Nonetheless, I’m still so grateful that Covid-19 and the lockdown happened. Why? Because, the end of the day, it has made bonds between family and friends even stronger.

So, to celebrate a new year, I would like to list the things I’m happy about whilst looking forward to when life goes back to normal again – whatever that normal may be - in the coming years.

  1. I’m happy that a vaccine is going to be available. We don’t have to live our lives in fear, worrying of contracting Covid-19

  2. I’m happy that I still have my close friends and family around despite the arguments we have time to time

  3. I’m happy to be able to still have my job and not be retrenched during these trying times

  4. I’m happy that I still get to wake up every morning with a roof over my head

  5. I’m happy that I was still able to find genuine love despite the heart ache I went through

  6. I’m happy that I still have food on the table during every meal

  7. I’m happy for those who decided to pursue their passion despite what everyone says

  8. I’m happy that there are still nice and forgiving people in the world

  9. I’m happy that there are people who exist in the world who wants to change it for the better

  10. I’m happy that cats exist

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