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SeriusAh clarifies parking app confusion

Updated: Oct 7, 2020


JomParking will officially resume operations as another DBKL parking app with effect from Wednesday, 7 October 2020.

Following DBKL’s recent announcement that it has discontinued machine payments for parking and that payment can only be used using four specific apps, there has been a bit of confusion among those using other apps.

The main concern is what will happen to the money in their app if it is not one of the four apps mentioned by DBKL – EZ Smart Park, FlexiParking, Wilayah Parking and M-Cash.

For those currently using the Smart Selangor Parking app, the app developer – Leading Innovative Technologies & Systems Sdn Bhd (LITS) – has suggested switching to the FlexiParking app.

LITS says you don’t have to worry about losing any money that was in the Smart Selangor Parking app because it will be transferred over seamlessly.

Just download the FlexiParking app and use the same login details as you would for the Smart Selangor Parking app and, according to LITS, the credit will appear in the new app.

The money, LITS assures, will still be seen in both apps because it reflects the same account and the balance will be synchronised between them.

The Smart Selangor Parking can be deleted says LITS, unless there is a need to pay for parking in Kuala Langat.

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